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Stem Cell Therapy Cost

If you are experiencing pain or suffering from an injury to your knees, hips, shoulder, or back, doctors will often recommend that you take medication. Some may even tell you to undergo surgery or physical therapy. However, treatment involving stem cells can be a viable alternative to lessen your overall therapy cost.

At Boston Applied Biologics, we are dedicated to providing treatments involving stem cells to repair injuries. Our treatments involving stem cells specifically target certain  injury-prone areas like the hips, shoulder, knees, and back. The procedures we do use your body’s stem cells, so you are assured that the healing process will be natural.

Stem cell treatment costs can be too high for some people, considering that the therapy uses advanced medical procedures. However, we work hard to make sure that our treatment involving stem cells worthy of your investment. We strive to keep our stem cell treatment costs as reasonable as we can and within the budget of our patients.

Know Your Condition

Injuries and other degenerative conditions can lead to serious complications if left untreated. If you are suffering from an injury or degenerative pain, it is best to consult a medical professional to assess the state of your injury. By doing so, you can plan for the treatment you’ll undergo and prepare for the therapy cost.

Things to Consider Before Investing in the Best Treatment

Pick the Easy and Natural Way Without Worrying About Therapy Cost

Choosing the most effective treatment for your ailment must be your top priority. You would want to have the best treatment where you are assured that you’ll get your money’s worth and hopefully recover without further worries about your health.

Stem cell centers today are now offering certain therapies where they’ll use your stem cells to repair certain injuries or other degenerative conditions. It’s best to consult a professional in a medical center that offers that kind of treatment to learn how effective it is and how much it would cost you. 

Be Open-Minded About the Treatment

It’s good if to have an open mind about medical procedures. Your physician might tell you things that are surprising. It is best if you’ll get a head start by researching the best institution that offers treatments using stem cells.

For medical expenses, it is best to be ready financially because not every therapy cost is the same, especially if the treatment you are planning to undergo involves stem cells which are not covered by insurance. 

Comparison Between Therapy Involving Stem Cells and Surgery

The Most Preferred Treatment for Patients

Therapy involving stem cells is a popular alternative to treating physical injuries and certain degenerative joint conditions. The demand is at an all-time high, and most patients consider treatments involving stem cells as an alternative to surgery considering the therapy cost.

As for surgery, it might not guarantee a full recovery. It can also lead to further complications if the patient doesn’t comply with the physician’s post-surgery orders. You may likewise expect hefty copay or deductible fees depending on the condition that’ll be treated and the surgery performed. 

A Procedure That Involves Stem Cells vs. Surgical Procedure

There are differences between procedures involving stem cells and surgical procedures. Surgical procedures are frequently invasive  operations. 

For procedures involving stem cells, medical experts can simply extract stem cells from your own body. Then, they’ll concentrate the extracted cells and inject them to the specific body part that needs treatment.

Stem Cell Treatment Cost vs. Surgical Cost

Stem cell treatment cost and surgery out of pocket costs can be similar. Both treatments are somewhat expensive. Because of this, you need to consider if your medical insurance covers the treatment. Luckily, we can help with financing for stem cell treatments that have flexible payment terms.

Stem cell treatments are not covered by insurance but even though surgery may be covered by your insurance, your cost for surgery can depend on the insurance you have and your copays and deductible. Stem cell treatment and your out of pocket surgical costs can end up being very close.

Stem Cell Treatment Cost for Your Hips

Hospitals or surgery centers performing hip surgeries on patients can charge a huge amount of money for out of network costs and other non covered costs even if you have health insurance.

However, you may only spend a fraction of the surgery’s price for a treatment involving stem cells that target hip pain or joint injuries. In other words, stem cell treatment cost can be more economical than the cost of surgery for the treatment of your hips.

Stem Cell Treatment Cost for Your Knee

For knee surgeries, a hospital could charge the same amount as hip surgeries. Charges can depend on the knee condition that needs to be treated and your exact insurance coverage.

However, the stem cell treatment cost for your knee is similar to the price of treatments involving stem cells for the hips. Stem cell treatment for your knee is supposed to not only heal your knee condition naturally but also have a much shorter recovery time allowing you to get back to work a lot sooner and save you money.

Stem Cell Treatment Cost for Your Shoulder and Back

Shoulder and back medical operations are considered as some of the most sensitive surgeries because of their complex procedures and treatment. On average, both shoulder and back surgeries can cost the same, and their prices are similar to knee and hip surgeries.

However, treatment involving stem cells for your shoulder or back injury is relatively inexpensive compared to the total cost of knee and hip surgeries. Stem cell treatment costs for your shoulder and back problems can thereby be considered more reasonable.

Factors to Assess in Relation to Therapy Cost

You need to look at several factors associated with cell-based therapy when you consider its stem cell treatment cost. If you’re concerned about the quality of a cost-efficient stem cell treatment, consider these factors:

  • Duration of the Recovery
  • The Timetable for the Procedure
  • The Procedure’s Pain Management
  • Overall Impact to Your Daily Living
  • The total time you are off work 

Can Health Insurance Help Manage Therapy Cost?

Unfortunately, many health insurance companies don’t cover therapies that involve stem cells. They consider this medical treatment as unconventional or experimental. Even though treatment involving stem cells isn’t covered by health insurance, you can cover therapy cost if you’re a health savings account holder. After all, your goal is to receive an effective treatment for your injury without racking up thousands of dollars in medical fees.

Contact Us Today

Your physical injuries and degenerative diseases should not stop you from doing what you love. With all the available treatments today, it is best if you’ll trust the right treatment center that offers quality treatments involving stem cell injections with a reasonable therapy cost.

At Boston Applied Biologics, we have been treating injuries and other degenerative conditions for many years with the use of stem cells. Our team of medical experts will guide you through the treatment and explain the therapy cost in detail. Contact us to learn more about stem cells or schedule an appointment.

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