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Intraosseous Injections

Injection under the cartilage, just below the joint
surface can dramatically improve outcomes.

Intraosseous Injections

For Advanced Joint Disease, Intraosseus Injections Of Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate Can Significantly Improve The Outcome Of Your Regenerative Medicine Procedure.

Intraosseous (io) Injections can be used to deliver regenerative substances directly into the bone below the joint surface. Intraosseous Injections are usually injected together with injections directly into the joint, multiplying the effect. This is a new and highly specialized injection technique.

In conditions like osteoarthritis, bone marrow aspirate concentrate which contain orthobiological cells can be delivered under Xray guidance intraosseously directly at the site of damage to help stimulate healing and regeneration.

Intraosseous Injections represent a new comprehensive approach targeting joint disease and osteoarthritis. Traditionally in most cases, regenerative medicine substances (such as bone marrow aspirate concentrate or PRP) are simply injected into the joint space where the patient is having issues. 

With Intraosseous Injections, the regenerative substances are also injected directly into the bone under the joint surface (the subchondral bone.)

When arthritis is more advanced, simply injecting into the joint will only address part of the problem: the environment inside the joint. It will not address the deeper layers below the joint surface. In areas of severe cartilage wear, the bone under the joint surface is also degenerated. It is thought that this bone under the joint, which has a poor blood supply, benefits from directly injecting autologous cells into it, to stimulate the body’s natural ability to kick start the repair process and alter cell signaling in these dysfunctional regions.

Combined Intraosseous Injections
and Intra articular injection

Benefits of Combined Intraosseous Injections and
Intra articular injection

Are intraosseous injections right for you? Talk to one of our patient educators now to find out.


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