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Regenerative Medicine Cost

Developing and applying new treatments to help tissues and organs regrow are the goals of regenerative medicine. Cost, therefore, is quite expensive because of the countless innovations needed. There are plenty of reasons why regenerative medicine cost is high; one of which is the way the procedure is administered.

There are a few things you need to consider before you jump into regenerative medicine. Cost can be intimidating, but there are plenty of other factors that justify its price. Below, we gathered a few reasons as to why regenerative medicine cost is quite expensive.

Shoulder stem cell treatment

Regenerative Therapies Have High Potential

It can’t be mistaken that regenerative medicine cost is high because of the possible applications of the therapies. Experts have speculated that regenerative medicine cost can go up depending on the treatment in question. Some have speculated that regenerative medicine cost may vary in the future if research moves on to treating trauma scenarios like torn tendons and ligaments.

Medical experts say that cancer treatments will be possible through regenerative medicine. Cost, however, will be significantly high. For cancer patients, it can be used to treat bone cancer wherein the infected bone can be grafted and regrown. Regenerative medicine cost is premium for complicated procedures like organ transplants. Rather than wait for a donor, stem cells are used to grow an entirely new organ.

Regenerative Medicine Treatments Are Relatively New

Not all companies have adapted the use of regenerative therapy. This is another factor that makes regenerative medicine cost greater than that of other existing treatments. Regenerative medicine cost is also expensive because the therapies involved are not yet covered by insurance companies. Certain laws have also limited the use of regenerative medicine. Cost also goes up because of its availability throughout certain states.

 Regenerative medicine cost is also affected by the length of the process. Prior to the treatment, hours of thorough research and preparation are needed for regenerative medicine. Cost is also affected by how many people are involved in the process.

Regenerative Medicine Cost Factors in the Materials Used

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The materials used in regenerative medicine include platelet-rich plasma injections and your own bone marrow. These cause the regenerative medicine cost to go up.  Thus, regenerative medicine cost may go up to thousands of dollars depending on the treatment.

Regenerative medicine cost is also high because of the fact that stem cells are largely unaffected by aging and disease. For this reason, regenerative medicine cost can even go up to 15,000 dollars and above.

Regenerative Medicine Research

Like any other medical treatment, research is an integral part of the regenerative medicine cost. Researching and developing the replacement organ or material may take a significant amount of time. The more sophisticated the material in use is, the more time and manpower for research will be needed. Thus, the regenerative medicine cost goes up.

In spite of being new, regenerative medicine continues to be a promising option to treat more severe sicknesses. Further developing the use of stem cells can open up more cost-effective ways to treat terminal diseases like cancer. While most of these are still subject to theory and research, there is no doubt that regenerative therapies will be able to change the lives of several individuals moving forward.

Get Professionals to Help You Handle Chronic Pain

For pain relief and other effective methods of treating sickness, you’ll need a clinic that can provide quality services with state-of-the-art technology. Feel free to contact Boston Applied Biologics today for more information about our different treatments.

Boston Applied Biologics

We are a medically advanced center of excellence for advanced cellular repair and other cell-based therapy for the treatment of joint and musculoskeletal problems. At Boston Applied Biologics, we also handle common orthopedic injuries and joint and spine conditions.

There is a wide range of minimally invasive outpatient treatments available at Boston Applied Biologics that aim to regenerate cells or relieve pain. Our treatments also improve function and ultimately eliminate patients’ suffering. Are you planning to get treated at Boston Applied Biologics? Here is an overview of our treatments and the issues they can help with.

Boston Applied Biologics Offers Orthobiological Treatments

Orthobiologics are naturally occurring cells and related compounds in your body.  They can help reduce inflammation and improve healing.

Injured muscles, tendons, and ligaments are among the conditions that orthobiological treatments can treat. The primary goal of using orthobiologics is to alleviate pain and improve your quality of life. Some of our orthobiological treatments include:

Boston Applied Biologics Provides Bone Marrow Aspirate

The hip bone has the highest concentration of regenerative cells in the human body. The Bone Marrow Aspirate, which contains these cells, is obtained by suctioning bone marrow from the hip bone with a small needle. Because the patient is given a local anesthetic, the procedure is relatively painless.

Platelets, regenerative cells, and other types of cells used in cellular therapy are included in the aspirate. At Boston Applied Biologics, we can directly inject concentrated bone marrow aspirate to the site of tissue damage or injury. 

The concentrated bone marrow aspirate is separated from non-useful substances and cells after aspiration. The bone marrow is spun in a centrifuge machine, which separates the cells from the rest of the blood products. Ultrasound guidance or x-ray fluoroscopy are utilized for an accurate process and to reduce potential complications.

Boston Applied Biologics Offers Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is the use of your own platelets to activate the body’s natural healing process for repair and regeneration. PRP therapy is a safe and effective way to provide pain relief. It also ensures that swelling and discomfort are reduced.

A high concentration of platelets rich in growth factors is used in advanced PRP treatment. PRP therapy aids in pain relief and the repair of damaged tissue. It can also help with the healing of injuries. Other conditions that can be treated by PRP include muscle tearing, musculoskeletal injuries, meniscus tear, and mild arthritis of the joints.

Boston Applied Biologics Provides Shock Wave Treatment

We utilize a noninvasive EPAT treatment that has minimal discomfort and side effects. High-energy radial pressure waves are delivered to the site of chronic pain in EPAT shock wave therapy. These acoustic waves increase blood flow, stimulate muscle repair and regeneration, and boost cellular metabolization. Shock wave therapy is a safe and effective treatment that is recommended for people suffering from chronic pain. Some of the biological effects of the shock wave treatment include change of cell membrane permeability, induction of vessel growth, stem cell migration, and release of nitric oxide.

Boston Applied Biologics Offers Cytokines and Supplements

Musculoskeletal repair is mediated by a combination of cytokines such as growth factors and interleukins. In musculoskeletal problems and injuries, cytokines can assist in programming the repair process of certain tissues. 

Recent technological advancements have made it possible to generate stable cytokines that may be applied topically or taken orally. Specific supplements are given to patients to aid in the healing and recovery process. 

Visit Boston Applied Biologics Today!

We have been treating chronic pain for more than 20 years now. Our goal is to be a leader in outpatient, minimally invasive cell-based treatments to reduce pain and suffering. We treat mobility issues for common diseases of the joints, tendons, knee, hip, ankle, spine, and foot. Call us today to learn more information. 

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