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does stem cell therapy work for shoulder arthritis

Shoulder arthritis and other types of joint pain can be incredibly painful and debilitating. Individuals who experience these conditions may suffer from chronic pain and limited range of motion, and their treatment options for years have been relatively limited. Today, stem cell therapy could help many people struggling with shoulder arthritis as a less invasive alternative to shoulder replacement surgery.

If you have suffered with shoulder arthritis pain, consider your treatment options and investigate the potential of stem cell therapy for your condition.

Causes and Legacy Treatments for Shoulder Arthritis

Shoulder arthritis develops due to the breakdown of cartilage inside the ball and socket of the shoulder joint. Cartilage covers the surface of the bones connected in the shoulder joint, and various lifestyle factors, injuries, and repeat wear-and-tear eventually erode the cartilage and cause the bones to rub together in a painful and uncomfortable way.

Before the advent of stem cell therapy, people experiencing shoulder arthritis symptoms could implement some lifestyle changes and noninvasive therapies to combat the symptoms of shoulder arthritis. Some of these treatments included stretches, topical pain relief creams and lotions, hot and cold compresses, and pain management medications. In extreme cases, a patient’s only real option would be to arrange shoulder replacement surgery. These are highly invasive and complex procedures that may entail long-term side effects, and many patients have discovered that stem cell therapy offers lasting relief without the invasiveness and pain associated with shoulder replacement.

How Stem Cell Therapy Could Improve Patient Symptoms

Stem cell therapy is a revolutionary new arthritis treatment that uses the patient’s own stem cells to treat the damaged cartilage cells of the shoulder. The procedure to extract stem cells for treatment involves minimal discomfort, and most patients who undergo this procedure experience relief within just a few weeks of their first sessions. Some of the documented positive outcomes of stem cell therapy for shoulder arthritis include:

  • Reduction in shoulder pain, including chronic joint pain.
  • Increased range of motion, flexibility, and shoulder function.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Reduced muscle compensations.
  • Minimized risk for future shoulder injuries.
  • Increased collagen production.
  • Minimized nerve damage.
  • Elimination or significant delay in the need for more invasive treatments like surgery or long-term prescriptions.

Patients tend to start experiencing relief within a few weeks of their first stem cell therapy sessions, but results may vary based on various individual factors.

Things to Remember About Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder Arthritis

Stem cell therapy is not a suitable treatment for everyone suffering from shoulder arthritis. Patients with active cancers, infections, severe anemia, or other blood-related medical conditions should not undergo stem cell therapy. Additionally, stem cell therapy requires stem cells drawn from the patient’s own bone marrow, so anyone with a history of marrow-based cancer should not undergo stem cell therapy.

Patients should also consult their doctors carefully about existing prescriptions and preexisting conditions that may interfere with the stem cell therapy procedure. Preparation is crucial for this procedure, and patients should also understand the financial obligations that come with stem cell therapy. Most health insurance plans will not cover stem cell therapy for shoulder arthritis, but financing is available for qualifying patients and most find the procedure worth the investment.

Shoulder arthritis is a painful and debilitating condition that may only worsen without treatment. If you have struggled with chronic joint pain in your shoulder or have suffered a shoulder injury such as a torn rotator cuff and want to avoid shoulder replacement surgery, consider the benefits of trying stem cell therapy with a stem cell injection for your shoulder.

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